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  • Our Favourite Ways to Stay Fit This Summer

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    Our Favourite Ways to Stay Fit This Summer

    This summer we recommend putting down your phone - scrolling Instagram can wait - and pressing pause on whichever episode of Cheer on Netflix you’re up to - that can wait too - because the weather at the moment is absolutely perfect for outdoor fitness fun.     Besides an almond milk iced latte and acai bowl first thing in the morning, our favourite way to start summer days is with a dip in the ocean. We’re so lucky to be surrounded by some of the best coastline in the world, so we figure the least we can do is go out of our way to enjoy it as much as possible! Once you’re dressed to impress in your favourite Kavala Collective bike shorts (our latest obsession), be sure to lather up with We Are Feel Good Sunscreen. Best applied 20 minutes before sun exposure, We Are Feel Good’s SPF 50+ Signature Sunscreen Lotion will protect your skin both in and out of the surf. Suitable for your face and body, and water-resistant for up to four hours, We Are Feel Good is bound to become your summer sun protection go-to. While you’re in the water do your best Thorpedo...

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