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  • Spring Beach Workouts

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    Spring Beach Workouts

    Now that the weather is finally starting to fine up and the sun has come out of hiding after what felt like a very long and chilly winter, it’s time to tone up in preparation for summer! Rather than visiting the gym, you’ll find us hitting the pristine sand of WA’s beaches to workout (for free!) while soaking in some much needed Vitamin D! Don’t forget to look after your skin and be sun smart when exercising outdoors. Throw some SPF 30 Sun Bum Spray into your beach bag and slap on your favourite New Era Australia cap before you head out into the sunshine. Not sure where to start with a beach workout? Follow our handy guide and don’t forget to stock up on all of your activewear essentials at HyperLuxe! Surfer jumps: You may not be able to surf (props if you can!) but there’s nothing stopping you from taking inspiration from the buff surfers hitting the waves at North Beach and Dunsborough! Commence your surfer jumps by planking on the sand with your hands under your shoulders (as if you’re about to do a push up). Push up from the sand with your arms and jump into...

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