J Bronze Exfoliating Mitt

J Bronze

Jbronze Perfect Tan Exfoliating Mitt is an exfoliating tanning mitt, ideal for skin preparation ensuring a flawless, even self-tan.


After showering, wet the Mitt and squeeze out any excess water. 

For optimal results, use on clean skin, free of soap or moisturiser.

Rub skin in a vertical direction, increase the pressure gradually until your desired effect is obtained. 

Rinse your Mitt with warm water after each use.

Jen's Tip:

It’s best to use our Jbronze Exfoliating mitt in the shower or bath. Wait a few second for your skin soften under the warm water and gently exfoliate your whole body. Be careful around delicate area like your neck and chest. Personally, using this mitt is a must before tanning!


100% Viscose


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