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Birkenstock Arizona Eva Regular - WhiteBirkenstock Arizona Eva Regular - White
Birkenstock Arizona Eva Regular - White
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    Women's Birkenstock Shoes Australia

    Tracing its roots all the way back to 1774, when founder Johann Adam Birkenstock first pioneered his revolutionary contoured insole, Birkenstock shoes have cradled the soles of countless customers across the world for more than 200 years.

    Fast forward to 2022 and Birkenstocks are one of the most popular shoe choices in the world, thanks to their super comfy styles, cute aesthetic and a robust company commitment to sustainability. 

    Interior and exterior arch support, as well as a signature deep heel cup, are key factors contributing to the comfort of Birkenstock sandals and Birkenstock slippers. 

    The range of Birkenstocks shoes for women also feature a simple yet iconic sturdy two-strap upper, which can be adjusted to provide the perfect fit for any foot, to ensure stability and support with every step. Additionally, over time and with wear, Birkenstocks will mould to the contours of your feet, further enhancing comfortability. 

    Nowadays, Birkenstock's shoes are universally popular across the globe, and are worn by everyone. Their functional design makes them easy to slip on, making them the perfect everyday shoe. Whether you’re running errands, heading to the beach, or working from home, a pair of Birkenstocks is the perfect accessory. Due to their sturdy design, Birkenstock shoes are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear for many years. 

    The company’s forward-thinking approach to sustainability has also worked to popularise the Birkenstock brand, which champions responsibility at all levels of business, from raw materials all the way through to packaging and shipping.

    Constant champions of responsible and ethical design and manufacturing, most Australian womens Birkenstocks can even be repaired to extend their lifecycle and keep Birkenstock sandals in Australia out of landfill.

    From resoling to buckle replacement and repairs to the toe piece or cork footbed, customers in Australia can post their beloved Birkenstocks off to Melbourne to extend the life cycle of their beloved Birks. 

    Here at HyperLuxe HQ we are completely obsessed with two Birkenstock styles in particular - Eva, which is waterproof, making it ideal for wearing to the beach or pool; and Birkenstock Arizona, the classic and universally loved design, featuring leather dual straps and metal buckles. Also available is Birkenstock Arizona Narrow, a slimmer fitting version of Birkenstock’s most iconic design. 

    Whether you opt for the Dusty Blue Birkenstock Eva for lounging by the pool, or prefer the earthy tones of a pair of Birkenstock Arizona in Mocca, you won’t regret slipping on a pair of comfy Birkenstocks this summer. Shop the wide range of Birkenstock sandals available at Hyperluxe online now!

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