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Hydro Flask Water Bottles Australia

If your emotional support water bottle (ESWB) isn’t keeping up with the rigours of your daily life then it’s time to invest in a Hydro Flask water bottle.

Considering most of us are at least 55 per cent water (we’re basically just water bottles with legs) and we live in one of the hottest climates in the world, there’s no getting around the fact that we all need a high quality ESWB, and that’s where Hydro Flask comes in.

So what makes Hydro Flask the best of the best in a very crowded drink bottle market? We’re glad you asked!

Innovation meets quality

Available in three sizes - 21oz, 32oz and 64oz (that’s 620ml, 940ml and 1.8L for those of us who aren’t clued up on imperial measurements) all Hydro Flask water bottles feature TempShield - a state of the art double wall, vacuum insulated technology that maintains the temperature of your drink for hours on end. Specifically twelve hours for cold beverages, so your drink stays cold all day, no matter the weather.

Designed to be comfortable to hold, which is heavensend for those of us who want to carry our ESWB with us when out and about, every Hydro Flask water bottle is kitted out with a flexible and durable handle, which makes it a breeze to take with you wherever you go. For a hands-free experience, we recommend the lightweight Hydro Flask Australia Unbound Cooler Pack, which is the perfect addition to any hike or marathon.

One of the biggest gripes people have with reusable water bottles is flavour transfer - when the taste of the vessel ends up impacting the flavour of your beverage. This undesirable phenomenon doesn’t happen with Hydro Flask bottles thanks to the brand’s use of 18/8 professional grade stainless steel, which prevents against today’s water tasting like yesterday’s green juice.

Free of nasty industrial chemicals including BPA and Phthalate, Hydro Flask water bottles and Hydro Flask straw lids are also dishwasher safe.

To ensure your water bottle remains spotless, Hydro Flask straw lids are cleverly engineered to be easily taken apart and put back together, and if you clean it with a Hydro Flask Straw and Lid Cleaning Brush Kit and/or a Hydro Flask Bottle Brush from Hyperluxe, your ESWB will remain in tip top shape. 

The ultimate hydration companion: stay refreshed with Hydroflask

In a country as hot as Australia, Hydro Flask water bottles are an absolute essential. Available in colours ranging from white or black, to delightful Dew, Laguna and Indigo, you’ll find the perfect Hydro Flask for your lifestyle online and in store at HyperLuxe.

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