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Frank Green Australia

Born from one man’s desire to usher in the end of the single use plastic packaging epidemic plaguing our planet, Frank Green combines style and substance with meticulously refined water bottles and keep cup designs. 

Founded in 2014 by Aussie business exec Benjamin Young, who followed through on his vision to create a sustainable alternative to single use plastic bottles, Frank Green reusable water bottles have taken the world by storm, with millions of their innovative reusable vessels now in circulation. 

More than just another emotional support water bottle, Frank Green offers the ultimate reusable hydration experience by fusing sleek aesthetics with exceptional functionality. 

Take for instance the exclusive HyperLuxe x Frank Green Ceramic 20oz Reusable Bottle, available in hues ranging from ‘Buttermilk’ yellow to navy and ‘Cloud’ grey. This multi-award winning design utilises triple wall vacuum insulation to maintain liquid temperature for hours on end. 

Packaged up in a durable stainless steel exterior, which is engineered to withstand everyday wear and tear, this design is also ceramic lined to avoid that nasty metallic flavour that many Frank Green competitors grapple with. 

A major pet peeve for water connoisseurs and hydro homies the world over is Frank Green reusable bottles that leak when tipped on their side or upside down, but Frank Green has that issue sussed - offering bottles with a patented push-button lid or straw lid, that don’t leak when thrown into your beach, school or gym bag. Genius! 

Coffee lovers are also catered to by the Frank Green brand, with a range of cute keep Frank Green reusable cups up for grabs. 

Like the Hyperluxe x Frank Green water bottles, the HyperLuxe x Frank Green Reusable Cups also maintain liquid temperature for hours, and will ensure your coffee tastes exactly the way your barista intended. Definitely no yucky metallic flavour when sipping your cup of Joe from this reusable design. 

And the multi-award winning push button lid means you won’t end up with coffee through your car, or in your bag, when commuting to work, sport or uni. 

To keep your Frank Green bottle or keep cup in pristine condition, Frank Green HQ recommends washing after every use, which is easy considering many of the styles are dishwasher safe (top shelf only). 

A fantastic investment in your own hydration or caffeination, or the hydration or caffeination of someone you love, all Frank Green bottles come with a 12 month warranty, which makes them the perfect planet and purse-friendly purchase. 

Frank Green water bottles and keep cups are available in store and online at HyperLuxe.

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