Health Trends 2023

Health Trends 2023

Embracing Wellness: Riding the Wave of Health Trends in 2023 with Hyperluxe Activewear

In a world where change is the only constant and fitness and lifestyle trends 2023 continue to evolve and adapt thanks to social media and technological advancements, it can be difficult to keep on top of which activities and equipment offer the best results. 

If you’ve ever found it hard to keep abreast of current wellness trends or struggle to sort the fads from tried and true options, you’re in the right place. Let HyperLuxe be your compass on a journey through the ever-shifting landscape of wellbeing, showing you which direction to take to ensure you feel great in 2024.

Spotlight on Saunas: The Hottest Trend in 2023

One health trend that's turned up the heat (quite literally) in 2023, and is poised to continue rising in popularity in 2024, is saunas. No longer just a luxurious spa experience, saunas have well and truly become a staple in countless health-conscious individuals' routines.

But why are saunas so hot right now?! Promoting relaxation while improving circulation and even aiding in muscle recovery post-workout, saunas have become an integral part of a holistic approach to good health and wellbeing. With all the chatter about saunas on social media it’s no wonder that many people have started to wonder ‘are saunas good for you?’.

The simple answer is yes! Saunas are like a spa day for your cardiovascular system. The heat makes your heart pump a little faster, improving blood circulation and giving your ticker a workout. 

Saunas also promote sweating, which helps your body to de-bloat and shed toxins to leave you feeling fresh and revitalised. 

In addition to the physical benefits, saunas are fantastic for relaxation, which, let’s face it, all of us could use more of! A short stint in a sauna is like a mini vacation for your mind away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Stepping foot into a sauna is like hiding away in a zen den, which is great for your body and mind.

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Live the High Life with HIIT

While a sauna session is great for relaxation, if you’re after a 2023 health and wellness trend that packs a punch, boosts your heart rate and is a full body workout, you’re probably going to love High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Geared around short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief recovery periods, HIIT is time efficient, making it perfect for those of us with a million things on our to-do list. With HIIT, you can burn calories and boost your metabolism in a fraction of the time compared to traditional workouts.

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But it's not just about the clock, HIIT also works wonders on your metabolism, continuing to burn calories even after you've crushed your session and have taken a well earned break via a sauna session. 

There’s also no need for fancy equipment with HIIT. Whether you're a gym buff or prefer home workouts, or getting outdoors to exercise while the sun is shining, HIIT can take place wherever you are.

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HyperLuxe Activewear: Your Sauna & HIIT Companion

Whether you love the sound of both HIIT and saunas, or would prefer to delve deeper into just one of these popular 2023 health and wellbeing trends, you’ll find the perfect fit to complement your new regime at HyperLuxe. 

More than just stylish, HyperLuxe’s extensive range of Australian activewear is hand picked to enhance your wellness journey. 

From towels and swimwear that are an essential ingredient for any sauna visit - our favourites include Sea Level’s separates in Cocoa and Bond Eye’s bikinis in eye catching cerise stripe; to Nimble’s Sweat to Splash range, which is perfect for beachside HIIT followed by a cooling dip, you’ll discover a huge range of activewear at HyperLuxe. 

In addition to Australian activewear, HyperLuxe is also home to a wide range of towels to complement your fitness pursuits. From the dreamy Destination Towels, which feature a stunning picture of Western Australia, and are quick drying and repel sand, to the fabulously fluffy Sunny Life beach towels and our very own HyperLuxe workout buddy gym towels, each towel design available at HyperLuxe is meticulously selected to complement your health and wellness journey. 

From moisture-wicking towels to water bottles (don’t forget to stay hydrated while engaging in sweat inducing health trends!), swimwear, bike shorts and more, Hyperluxe has your back (and front) covered. Visit us in person at North Beach, Karrinyup, Applecross or Dunsborough to discover the full range.

As we bid 2023 adieu, remember this: your journey to a healthier life is uniquely yours but a little guidance never hurt anyone. 

Dive into the sauna or HIIT craze, wrap yourself in Australian activewear from HyperLuxe, and let 2024 be the year you prioritise your physical and mental health.

Your body, mind and wardrobe will thank you for riding the wave of well-being like never before! 

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