How To Keep Hydrated In Summer

How To Keep Hydrated In Summer

5 Tips To Stay Hydrated This Hot Season

Staying cool and keeping hydrated can be a challenge under the blazing Australian sun, which is why we’re sharing five easy-to-follow tips to remain happily hydrated when the mercury starts to soar.

Why is it important to stay hydrated? On top of helping you to feel refreshed on a scorcher of a summer’s day, adequate water intake is vital to your health and overall well-being. On hot days or during strenuous exercise (and especially while doing strenuous exercise on hot days!), our bodies lose water through sweat and if we don't replenish it, we start to feel under the weather pretty quickly.

Dehydration isn't just about feeling thirsty, it comes with a range of telltale signs. If you notice dizziness, dark urine and/or a persistent feeling of fatigue, this is your body's way of waving a red flag, telling you it's time to up your water game.

Proper hydration keeps your skin glowing, your digestion on track and your energy levels up. Plus, when you're breaking a sweat during your favourite fitness class or workout activity, staying hydrated is the key to unlocking peak performance.

So, without further ado, here’s five tips on how to keep hydrated in summer. 

1. Sip Water Regularly

The key to avoiding that awful feeling of dehydration is to sip water consistently, not just when you start to feel parched. In fact many experts say that if you wait until you feel thirsty to drink, you’ve already left it too long. 

The best way to ensure you’re drinking water consistently throughout the day is to have an emotional support bottle at the ready. Make it a habit to carry your preferred water bottle with you wherever you go for hydration salvation within arms reach.

Health professionals recommend drinking two litres of water per day in summer, which sounds like a lot, but if you sip consistently here and there, you’ll surprise yourself at how much H20 you can smash through without having to overthink it. 

If it helps you to keep motivated to sip, set yourself a challenge to drink one litre of water before lunch and a second litre before dinner. 

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2. Get The Best Bottle

Not all water bottles are created equal! At HyperLuxe, we've taken the hard work out of finding a high performance water bottle by offering only the best water bottle brands both in store at Karrinyup, North Beach, Applecross and Dunsborough, as well as online.

From the hundreds (if not thousands) of water bottle brands on offer to thirsty fitness lovers, Frank Green and Hydro Flask reign supreme.

Certified superheroes of hydration, Frank Green and Hydro Flask designs feature vacuum insulation to keep cold water cool for up to 24 hours, even when it’s stinking hot outside.

Dishwasher safe, to make it a breeze to clean your water bottle at the end of each day, both bottle brands also boast ceramic lining to prevent your water from picking up that awful metallic after taste that many have come to expect from subpar metal water bottle designs.

3. Boost The Benefits with WelleCo

Elevate your hydration game by adding Welleco's Super Elixir powder to your water. 

Packed with nutrients, Super Elixir not only quenches your thirst but also adds a bonus layer of gut health and skin benefits to your hydration regime. Designed to enhance energy levels, improve digestion and reduce bloating, The Super Elixir is packed with over 40 naturally derived ingredients.

Vegan, paleo and keto-friendly, WelleCo’s signature product contains ingredients ranging from L-Glutamine to boost collagen production, to antioxidant rich Papaya and Acai berries to guard against free radicals. 

Add two teaspoons of Super Greens to your morning glass of H20 to give your water a supercharged upgrade.

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4. Sip & Conquer During Exercise

Whether you’re working out indoors at your favourite gym, or find yourself soaking in the sunshine while getting your heart rate up in the great outdoors, any form of exercise puts your body's water needs into overdrive. 

Before, during and after exercise, make hydration a priority to avoid the persistent pangs of dehydration. Pre-hydrate with a good amount of water, sip during your workout and replenish post-exercise to recover like a pro.

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5. Monitor Fluid Intake

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how much water you consumed over the course of the day, you’re not alone! If you don’t keep tabs on how many times you fill up your trusty Frank Green or Hydro Flask water bottle, it’s very easy to lose track of your fluid intake, which is a sure fire recipe for dehydration. 

Whether you keep a record via a note on your phone, or download an app that keeps a tally of your fluid intake for you, monitoring your water intake is vital to ensuring you’re hitting your hydration goals day after day. 

With our five tips to stay hydrated with help from HyperLuxe, you're well-equipped for a summer filled with vitality and well-being. Sip, sip, hooray to a hydrated summer!

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