Boom Fitness Review

Boom Fitness Review

What is it?

For those fitness junkies that know exactly what they are doing in the gym and have the self control to not slack off... We say hats off to you all; but our regular gym haunt Boom Fitness, is equally perfect for people advanced in their fitness journey and for those who need guidance and motivation to achieve their personal best. Boom Fitness is a privately owned and operated fitness studio that specialises in personal training and group training, with no two classes being the same. The Boom team are very relatable, positive and extremely encouraging - they push you to your limit without being too extreme, that you dread going back, like at some gyms. They are true believers of everything in moderation, life is for living and enjoying...A mantra we can get behind!


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In the group sessions there are three categories to choose from; we personally like the smaller sized group classes, it’s a less intimidating experience for gym goers both new and seasoned...

Energise: Attendees are recommended to have a medium to advanced level of fitness and the class is aimed at pushing your limits physically and mentally

Transformation: Lean out your muscles and see the fat fall off!

Box, Lift and Burn: Incorporating boxing and cardio, this class is comprised of 16 x 2 minute rounds that are sure to have you sweating in no time!

Grab a friend and head to these group classes or even get your office team involved as the team at Boom offer incredible corporate fitness training. This is such a perfect way to manage workplace stress levels and may even spark some healthy competition in the office!

If like so many, you just don’t know where to start or want some personalised guidance from the expert trainers, why not opt for a 45-minute personal training session? These PT classes are tailored to your specific abilities and have your personal results in mind. You’ll start seeing results in no time…. but not without some hard work! Remember no pain, no gain!

Where is it?

With two studios, located in Scarborough and East Fremantle, Boom Fitness can be accessed by those who live on the northern coast and those who live close to the Fremantle area. There is ample parking, and both are only a two-minute drive to the beach which is perfect for a cool down swim after training! Trust us, you will want that dip in the Summertime! We also love the fact that all the classes ALWAYS run on time so it doesn’t affect our must-have Yelo or Meme Joans’ coffee before we head to work! 

So, Is it worth it?

We say absolutely! As you will never go to the same class twice, Boom Fitness is the perfect place to get yourself out of the repetitive gym routine rut and see results without a generic training program. You’ll be put through your paces, but the results will speak for themselves! As well as having fun classes, the owners Adam and Jacko along with their epic team are so friendly and motivating, they are also supremely knowledgeable not just in fitness but also in nutrition, which we find so very useful. Team HyperLuxe wouldn’t go anywhere else, we adore the team and are proud to call them all friends. 

For more information about Boom Fitness click here.

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