The Super Elixir by WelleCo: now available at HyperLuxe!

The Super Elixir by WelleCo: now available at HyperLuxe!


Elle Macpherson ensures her body is always in peak condition with The Super Elixir by WelleCo and now you can too! Available in store at HyperLuxe North Beach and HyperLuxe Dunsborough, The Super Elixir is a must-have supplement to stay healthy while keeping on top of the hustle and bustle of a busy modern life.

Not sure how to get the most out of your daily dose of The Super Elixir? Read below for an informative Q&A with The Super Elixir's creator, Dr Simone Laubscher.

PLEASE NOTE: Any advice given relating to health or medical matters reflects the private opinion of our nutritionist giving this advice. It is not medical advice. WelleCo and HyperLuxe take no responsibility for any consequences resulting from following such advice. Anyone seeking health and/or medical advice is strongly advised to consult their medical professional.

Can you take it when pregnant and when breastfeeding?

All WelleCo products are made from wholefood and natural ingredients and therefore safe to use, however since I don’t know how toxic you were before you fell pregnant I always suggest not to start taking Alkalising Greens unless you were already taking it (or another supergreens product) before you fell pregnant. When you first start a supergreens product you may experience a detox effect, which you would want to avoid while pregnant. So that being said, hopefully you can continue taking our products while pregnant because both mum and baby would thrive on all of our organic wholefood nutrition.

What is the best time to take the Alkalising Greens?

I like to take my Alkalising Greens first thing in the morning so I break my overnight fast of sleeping with a huge injection of nutrition, setting me up for the day. That being said, you need to find a window that works for you and fits easily into your life away from caffeinated drinks. Many have it mid-afternoon when they are more prone to have an energy slump and cravings, so this is also a great time to take it.

I only take mine in water in the late afternoon and I go to the bathroom afterwards a lot. Am I passing the Elixir because of taking it in the water?

Taking Alkalising Greens with water does not mean you're flushing out the nutrition, it was designed to be taken that way but if you’re prone to water retention then the Alkalising Greens will make you pee a lot which flushes out toxic wastes.

Is The Super Elixir gluten free and how is it different from other proteins out there and which ones should we stay clear from?

Our Alkalising Greens has been tested and is 100% gluten free. Cereal grasses are the young grass stage of wheat, barley, alfalfa and oat plants. And since cereal grasses haven't yet formed grain kernels, they don't contain gluten. The Nourishing Protein is wheat free and low gluten. The main protein powder to stay away from is whey for it is dairy and usually non-organic and derived from a cheese /milk by product.

Plant protein such as sprouted brown rice has far superior utilisation and uptake into the cells and muscles than whey protein. The combination of organic pea and brown rice protein provides a complete protein source for an energised and lean body. It is also a source of leucine, which is essential for repairing muscles. The body categorically absorbs plants more easily than products derived from dairy, such as whey. Additionally, dairy is acid forming and contains lactose, which is harder for humans to digest, making a plant based protein option more alkalising for the body.

Hi Dr Simone, I’m thinking of doing the four-week body reboot program. Will the Alkalising Greens and Nourishing Protein powder help with bloating and low energy?

Yes our Super Elixir products will help with both bloating and low energy. Your digestive system will be totally supported with our pre and pro biotics, nurturing your digestive system from your mouth to your bottom, thus reducing bloating and many IBS symptoms. Your energy levels will also increase because both the Alkalising Greens and the Nourishing Protein support the function of your 11 systems and 100 trillion of your cells, facilitating goodness into the cells and helping toxins to be removed out of your cells, which I feel is the key to vibrant health.

 Should I take the AG continuously or should I take breaks from taking it?

Everything in life, other than most fruits, salads and vegetables create a level of acidity in the human body, so I suggest taking the Alkalising Greens as part of a healthy lifestyle with no need to have a break. If you were totally vegan, ate no sugar, had 100% organic diet, had limited air travel and exposure to environmental toxins, then I would suggest you could take a lower dose of Alkalising Greens. Most of us however live with a degree of toxic exposure, which is why I recommended Alkalising Greens as a daily lifestyle choice rather than a seasonal product.

Is it ok to take other supplements while I’m taking Alkalising Greens – like fish oil, Vitamin D and Vitamin C is it ok to combine?

Absolutely but I don't want you to waste money. The Alkalising Greens will replace your multivitamin and minerals, probiotics, omega 3, hair, skin and nail supplement, detox capsules, blood sugar regulation capsules, fibre support and immune support.

The best way I feel to work out if you really need supplements on top of the Alkalising Greens is remove all of your supplements, write down how you feel out of 10 for all of your health goals. After four weeks re-visit those health goals and see where you are at and from there add supplements where you still feel you are lacking or even better consult a qualified nutritionist to fast track your health goals.

Can I combine the Nourishing Protein and Alkalising Greens in the same smoothie?
Yes! Both work as a team and there are no contradictions in marrying them together and if you are time poor this is great for one less thing to think about! In fact our co-founder Andrea does this every morning in her smoothie! 

Can I give the Alkalising Greens to my kids?

Kids can take Alkalising Greens at a very small dose but to be fair their lives are pretty clean and shouldn't need to be alkalised yet. I check my kids' pH levels regularly and even though they still have their weekend treats they are always in the healthy pH zone. What kids need is the correct vitamins and minerals to support brain function, immune system, balance out their mood etc and due to over farming our foods don't contain the same level of vitamins and minerals from 40-50 years ago. 

Quick tips for energy?

1. Eat more low and moderate GI foods with good fats, lots of plant based green foods and choose the brown carbs over the white ones to help keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

2. Include some good organic/hormone free protein into your diet each day and if this is too tricky add in a vegan protein powder such as The Super Elixir Nourishing Protein as a great meal compliment, meal replacement of snack.

3. Live your life on the inside more like a grape than a raisin and stay well hydrated by drinking 2-3 litres of filtered water each day.

4. Live an alkaline lifestyle by eating more plants and less animals and keeping your acidic habits in check such as coffee, tea, sugar, fast food etc so you keep your toxic cup in check.

5. Add in an organic wholefood supergreens powder such as The Super Elixir as a fast track into an alkaline life so you feel more energised, crave less junk and you look and feel stronger and younger.

6. Do some regular exercise for the fitter you are the more energy you will have and your life will seem easier. Four times a week for 40 minutes or more you should get your heart rate elevated up to around 60-70% of your max heart rate (220-age is an approximate maximum heart rate).

7. Breathe on purpose each day. Take 5-10 deep breathes per day and exhale out all the stale old air in your lungs to help oxygenate your blood and put that bounce back into your step.

8. Get an average of eight hours good sleep a night. This might sound obvious but it is amazing how many people don’t sleep enough or can’t sleep enough. If sleep difficult for you try some sleep enhancing herbs such as valerian and hops. We have just formulated a wonderful sleep tea at WelleCo which is not addictive but helps get you into such a relaxed state you are more likely to fall into a deep sleep.

9. Feed your soul. Remember something you love doing. As adults we get so consumed with fighting fires of daily life that we don’t do anything each month that we really love! This will energize your mind and body and bring more balance to your life.

10. Be kind to your digestive system. We often now say 'you are what you absorb' instead of 'you are what you eat' for many people have a really good diet but don’t absorb their food. Try to chew each mouthful 20 times and put your cutlery down in between mouthfuls. If you are feeling bloated, get sugar/carb cravings or suffer from any form of IBS your digestive system may need a pro and prebiotic. There are many great brands on the market and we even rolled this into our Super Elixir Alkalising Greens powder for we are keen not to only get the right fuel into your body but to go the extra mile and support how you function too. 

Best options for pre and post workout?

Everyone is so different so I suggest pre-workout eat whatever you feel sits well in your tummy and wait one hour after having a snack or 2-3 hours after a meal. For example if I wake up and go straight to the gym I have my Alkalising Greens in 500ml cool water and grab an apple or banana and I'm off. If I train mid-afternoon I make sure it is 2-3 hours after my lunch of fish + salad/veg + a little quinoa or pearl barley. Post work out is a no brainer for me - 350ml almond milk + 150ml water + 1 scoop of Nourishing Proetin, delicious!

Why do I feel light-headed after having the Alkalising Greens?

Light headed symptoms can be related to low blood pressure so since the greens is a natural vasodiltor if you already have low blood pressure then a very small percentage of people can get a little light headed for 5-10mins and then this passes. I have low blood pressure but this has only happened to me 2-3 times out of all the years I have been taking the product.

I get so exhausted and tired in the heat, other than keeping hydrated and having Alkalising Greens and Nourishing Protein, what else can I do to help?

Everyone deals with the heat differently and the key is helping your body function at optimum. I live in Dubai and it gets up to 50 degrees in summer so I have trained my body to deal with the heat better by using dry saunas. This will help your body deal with heat much better and at higher temps than you would ever live at.

Natural alternatives to anxiety and anti depressant medication?

My husband suffered with clinical depression for over a decade and we tried everything so I feel if your anxiety and or depression is 6/10 or lower and it comes and goes in waves, try the herbs St Johns Wort or Rhodiola and do meditation each day for one month and see a registered herbalist or qualified nutritionist. If your depression is constant, and 7/10 or higher you must consult your Medical Doctor for you may have a chemical imbalance and may need medication. Just don't waste years feeling blue all the time, act quickly and get well for depression can go from bad to worse very quickly and needs to be nipped in the bud.

As published on The Welle Journal

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