Our Guide To Finding The Perfect Swimwear For Your Body Shape

Our Guide To Finding The Perfect Swimwear For Your Body Shape

Finding the perfect swimwear for your body shape can make all the difference when it comes to confidence. Of course, it goes without saying, all women should have the confidence to wear what they want without feeling self-conscious, however, sometimes the perfect fit in swimwear is just what a girl needs to help them feel great about themselves, inside and out. 

Women want to feel secure, supported and confident in their bathers - it’s what they look for when shopping for women's swimwear in Australia.

Shopping for a flattering bikini - that is the correct fit for your body shape - can be a daunting exercise at best, but hopefully, with our guide, you will be armed with the knowledge and expertise to leave the stress on the change room floor and easily find the perfect fit that not only looks good, but feels good too. We’ve pulled together a list of the cutest swimwear styles and flattering bikinis suited to each body shape.

So what shape am I?

It’s super easy to determine what your body shape is, and this will help you to find what looks and fits YOU best within moments of reaching for the swimwear rack at the shops.

Your body shape is based on the relationship between three points on your body:

  1. Shoulders/Bust
  2. Waist
  3. Hips

When looking at yourself straight on in the mirror, imagine drawing a line down from your shoulders to your hips and make a mental note of where that line hits. Depending on where the widest part of your body is (bust, waist or hips), this will determine what ‘shape’ your body is.

It’s worth noting all body shapes and sizes are beautiful - there are no wrong answers here! - and this guide only exists to help you find the best fitting swimwear for your body shape.

Pear shape

The pear body shape is characterised by hips that are wider than the bust and shoulders, creating a silhouette that looks like a pear.

Pear shaped women should be on the lookout for high-cut bikini swimwear bottoms that elongate the figure.

swimwear hyperluxe

For HyperLuxe customers, we recommend the Scene Brief by Australian swimwear brand Bond Eye. These amazing briefs come in one size fits most, ranging from XS to L, with adjustable coverage and adjustable leg, allowing you to choose whether you wear them low or high on the hip.

We also recommend pairing a plain bottom with a fun patterned bikini top with a pop of colour, such as the Ephemera Blush Gingham Classic Bra, that will emphasise your bust and add that sense of balance to your curvaceous figure.

Apple shape 

Women with an apple body shape have narrow hips and shoulders with fuller busts and midriffs.

For this shape, we recommend choosing a well-fitted halter bikini top that will lift and support the bust, and pairing it with high waisted flattering bikini bottoms that end above the bull button that will elongate the legs and flatten the tummy.

one piece swimwear hyperluxe

Perfect for this is It’s Now Cool X Elle Ferguson contour swimwear, designed to sculpt and smooth in all the right places, while being both flattering and functional.

Hourglass shape

The hourglass shape is balanced yet curvy with a full bust, rounded hips and a nipped in waist.

For this shape, the classic bra-style top is the most flattering bikini style and will offer the most support.

swimwear hyperluxe

For a taller hourglass figure, we would also recommend high-waisted bikini bottoms that elongate the legs and give you that ‘legs for days’ look. Check out the Bondi Born Tatiana Bikini Bottom - paired with a sweetheart neckline it’s the most flattering look for hourglass figures.

Athletic shape

The athletic shape - A.K.A. ‘straight up and down’ - is the easiest to balance. With little difference between the width of your shoulders, bust and hips, all you need is a pop of colour or a few cut outs to emphasise your shape.

bikini swimwear hyperluxe

For those with the athletic shape, we recommend playing with bold prints such as the Lahana Swim Missy Bikini Bottom in Wave Pink, or enhancing your curves with a one piece with flattering cut outs. Check out the Bondi Born Colette One Piece and its too-die-for back cutout. LOVE.

Carrot shape

The carrot body shape has long legs, narrow hips, a fuller bust and broader shoulders.

bikini swimwear hyperluxe

For customers with this body shape, we suggest trying a bikini with horizontal stripes that widen the hips and balance out the shoulders. We also recommend creating a mix and match look with bold colours and patterns on the bottom to create that desired balanced look.

Check out the figure-hugging Bond Eye Savannah Brief Eco in Jade. Not only is it made of sustainable materials, but it’s also the most beautiful colour!

We can help you find the perfect swimwear for your body shape.

To put our guide to good use, pop past our Karrinyup, North Beach, Applecross or Dunsborough locations, or head to our website to find the perfect bikini swimwear for your body shape.

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