Review S30

Review S30

What is it?

Review S30

Founded by a passionate trio of owners, Luke, Ret and Oscar have basically combined weight training with clubbing.

With carefully curated music and lighting that makes you question if S30 is a gym or an underground club, you’ll be vibing through the (extremely!) challenging 45 minute class.

With 30 sets, 18 stations and three personal trainers you’re in great hands to keep that #summerbod all year round. Work on those gains whilst the tunes keep you pumped up during the weight training, or put your cardiovascular fitness to the test with any of the full body workouts. A word of warning - they are cardio...and they are killer!

If this nightclub/gym hybrid is getting you excited give S30 a 7 day unlimited trial for $19 and feel the burn.

Monday: Upper Body
Tuesday: Drip Drip- Full Body
Wednesday: Lower Body
Thursday: Sicko Mode - Full Body
Friday: Shoulders, Arms and Core
Saturday: Sweatfest - Full Body (Live DJ)


Where is it?

S30 is located right in the heart of Perth CBD making it the perfect morning sweat sesh before work.

S30 location in Perth

Hidden away next to cafe and convenience stores this 884 Hay Street, Perth venue has a massive staircase that leads down into a basement of dark ambiance and pumping music for the best way to start your unmotivated morning or finish your busy work day.

The dim lit gym boasts three big billboards on the wall that display what crazy intense exercises you’re expected to do in each of the “blocks” for that session.

This CBD gym has shower facilities and free street parking before 8am. 


So, is it worth it?

Walking down the staircase we were immediately transported into the nightclub setting with an incredible atmosphere that had us vibing even after leaving the studio.

is S30 worth it

Loud music blaring, strobe lights pumping and trainers motivating you every step of the way, S30 is anything but an ordinary workout.

If we could recommend one class, it would be the full body workout with a live DJ on Sweatfest Saturdays. With a 45 minute workout as electrifying as Sweatfest who needs weekend clubbing!?

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