Adidas Gym Tote- Perfect stylish & practical workout accessory

Adidas Gym Tote- Perfect stylish & practical workout accessory

The Adidas Tote is the perfect fitness/ active workout accessory. It adds style and fashion to a classic-everyday gym bag. It’s simple, practical, functional, big enough to fit everything you need and adds a little luxe to your active outfit- a very sportluxe piece!

It features a bright tangerine padded inside for fragile items such as laptops and iPads, and also has a removable pouch for valuables! 

Not only is this bag a perfect substitute to your average gym bag, but it can also be used as an everyday bag or even a travel bag. it would be fantastic to travel with on the airplane, with its easy accessibility to valuables and electronics!

This tote has mesh dividers to store belongings with ease and organisation, ventilated compartments for breathability and soft carry handles for comfort. Add a bit of fashion and style to your gym accessories and trade in your old gym bag for the Adidas Gym Tote- only $60.

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