Applecross is Ripe for Picking!

Applecross is Ripe for Picking!

Our local go-to spots that are a must see when you’re in the area.

Cheeky Boy

This insta worthy hot-spot is a breakfast lover’s dream! Located right near our store on Ardross Street, Cheeky Boy Espresso is a perfect weekend morning stop that caters to everyone from the health freaks, to the lovers of delicious treats!

If the 6:30am coffee run isn’t you, the Italian café is open until 5pm, so you can stroll down in your snakeskin Superga sneakers for a late lunch at your leisure. Whether you’re a fan of the nourish bowl or down to have a cheeky gossip and a cake with a mate, we are sure that this café will become your local in no time.

Cheeky Boy

Reformed Pilates

Victoria’s secret is out and it’s pilates! From the Hadid’s to Miranda, the VS models have been advocates of the conditioning exercise for years. Although the machines look like something out of a torture chamber, this low impact exercise sculpts and tones muscles whilst improving flexibility and balance. Our nearly neighbours over at Reformed Pilates are focused on offering small group classes suitable for all levels of fitness that incorporates a range of matt work and reformer usage. If you’re interested in attending a class to rock your new PE Nation get up, they offer a 7 day $99 Intro Offer to explore the benefits of pilates.

Reformer Pilates


For those who want an exercise that is going to have you shaking and dripping with sweat, you can’t go past an F45 session. This functional style of training aims to get you results in as little as 45 minutes with a combination of high impact cardio and weight training. These sessions are a perfect way to put your First Base leggings to the squat proof test and need to be accompanied by a matching First Base crop top as you’ll be sweating too much for a shirt!

F45 Training

Think you can handle it? Click here to register for the 2-Week Free Trial.

Raffles Hotel

Someone once said the key to life is balance and you couldn’t tip the naughty scales in a more fun environment! The Raffles establishment has been an iconic Australian destination for having fun and letting your hair down since the 70’s! If you’re wanting to have a good boogie, the Raffles have a Flashback Friday on the first Friday of every month that plays old school tunes that will have you up and dancing all night long. The Raffles also offer a range of specials on each day making it the perfect place for a drink or two with friends.

Raffles Hotel Drinks

If these places didn’t make you want to come and explore Applecross, the destination also has the most amazing view of the city with an open park. So come on down and bring your yoga mat for an afternoon of city view yoga and let the mat double as a picnic rug for a late night treat with friends.

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