Queens of the Sweater

Queens of the Sweater

The humble sweater used to be a garment for comfort and warmth but we are LIVING for the era of fashionable sweaters that is happening right now! Here are our top three ‘Queens of the Sweater’.

Hailey ‘Bold’ Bieber:

Currently living in New York with new hubby Justin, Hailey is often rugged up for warmth in a stylish sweater. One of our fave pap pics shows her take on the trend as she pairs a bold red co-ord with black heels and gold hoops. To recreate Hailey’s double dose of warmth and comfort we recommend the vibrant PE Nation Amped Up Sweat in Red. This structurally oversized crewneck sweater is made from 100% cotton French terry. Pair with structured red cigarette pants. No HB outfit would be complete without hair pulled in a tight bun, offset with gold hoops. Enter: LUV AJ The Amalfi Tube Hoops in gold.

hailey bieber HyperLuxe activewear

Pip Edwards and her statement sweaters:

When your alarm goes off for your 7am sweat sesh the last thing you want on your mind is worrying about what you’re going to look like at the coffee shop after but never fear, Aussie superstar Pip Edwards brand PE Nation is here to save the day. This is the ultimate brand that can be worn to glam up your athletic wear as well as transitioning to a fashionable yet comfortable daywear. With hues of light blue mixed in with vibrant stikes of neon orange this collection is anything but your classic winter range. Wear the PE NAtion Secure Defence sweater with the matching PE Nation Kick Force Leggings to make a statement and turn heads after your workout.

pip edwards HyperLuxe activewear


Ariana Grande in her iconic sweater dress:

When you think of Ariana you think three things: the sleek high ponytail, thigh high boots and her love of sweater dresses. This take on sweaters is not only sports luxe street style, but can be carried on into the night with full face glam and a pair of your favorite heeled boots. The trick with getting Ariana’s style is to buy a sweater oversized so it fits like a dress and the Champion VF Script Hoodie in Light Tan is exactly what you need. If you don’t feel comfortable that your sweater dress isn’t long enough, pair it over the top of the Onzie High Rise Bike Shorts to nail this iconic Ari look.

ariana grande HyperLuxe activewear


If sweaters aren’t your thing check out Bella Hadid serving sleek puffer realness:

The model is known for setting the impractical small sunglasses trend that sparked the entire world looking like the cast from the Matrix.  Praise be that Bella is now rocking a trend we are all down for. The puffer jacket was once an accessory you wore skiing but with big brands such as Balenciaga putting the puffer jacket on the runway, celebrities are bringing this cosy trend to the streets. Bella and boyfriend The Weekend wore similar black puffer jackets recently out in New York and we can’t wait to slip on our Jagged Silverlake Puffa jacket in black to match with the fashionable couple. The jacket is bulky in size and insulated for warmth so pair it with the Puma Downtown Hoodie in black to really dress like Bella and enjoy running your errands without having to worry about the cold.

bella hadid wearing crop top puffer

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