The Worldwide Obsession with Superga

The Worldwide Obsession with Superga

These Superga Shoes NEED to be a Staple in Your Wardrobe This Summer!

If you follow us on Instagram you would know that we LOVE our Superga shoes and we’re not alone. Superga shoes have become a worldwide cult brand for their sleek, fashion-forward designs and uber comfortable, reliable construction. 

If you’re not impressed yet, did you know Superga shoes are produced with vulcanised rubber soles? The vulcanization process makes the rubber soles of the Superga shoes more durable by creating links between the rubber’s polymer chains. This also allows the soles to be lightweight, have better grip and prevents the sole from weakening when wet.

Superga has been around for over 100 years, originally starting in 1911 they began to produce in Italy, shortly closing during the war they reopened with a mission in mind, to produce high quality footwear. The Classic Superga 2750 heritage style was their first comeback ‘baby’ and since then Superga shoes have branched out their product line with technical sports shoes, rubber rain boots and almost never ending variations to their classic Superga sneaker design.

Over the years we have been thrilled to admire and also stock Superga’s collaborations with some of the world's top names; and if you haven't bought a pair from our very own exclusive Superga x Hyperluxe collection yet…. Then what are you waiting for!

See our guide of the most popular Superga shoes available both online and instore!

1. Superga Pool Slide - Black Leopard

These pool slides are ideal for any woman who wants to show off their fabulous dramatic side with these quirky and comfy slip ons!


Superga Pool Slide - Black Leopard

2. Superga Pool Slide - Blue Velvet

Nothing says luxe more than velvet; so why not treat your feet to these blue velvet beauties. They are the perfect example of Superga shoes ability to take you from lounging at home to grabbing lunch with your friends!


Superga Pool Slide - Blue Velvet

3. Superga Cotu Classic White

The original and the best, no modern wardrobe is complete without these cult classics. Their simplistic design allows them to work with nearly every outfit you own, even Kate Middelton has a pair!


Superga Cotu Classic White

4. Superga 1908 Leahorse Slides - Zebra

There's nothing subtle here, the zebra pattern will elevate your shoe game tenfold. We suggest pairing them with a cool co-ord look to really let these shoes shine!


Superga 1908 Leahorse Slides - Zebra

5. Superga X Hyperluxe Exclusive 2843 Clubs Comfleasueu Sneaker - White/Black

Our exclusive collaboration with Superga shoes allowed us to combine everything we love into one shoe, a simple sporty design that can take you from studio to street; a pop of colour and a bit of glitz because lets face it, who doesn't love gold laces!


Superga X Hyperluxe Exclusive 2843 Clubs Comfleasueu Sneaker

6. Superga X P.E Nation Slides - White

The Superga X P.E Nation collaboration was one of our favourites and we’re sure you can see why. Mixing the classic and comfortable design we know Superga shoes to be with P.E Nation’s edgy fashion styling, make these an all time must have.


Calling all animal print lovers...If you are wanting an edgy twist on your must have white sneakers; then these are the pick for you!


Superga 2846 Seattle Leaponyu Sneaker

Get your pair of Superga shoes online or instore today… your wardrobe will thank you!
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