Avoiding a Winter Workout Rut

Avoiding a Winter Workout Rut

Living in Perth we’re spoilt with beautiful weather for most of the year, but as the temperature drops and it’s still dark at 6am, it can be a lot harder to motivate ourselves to jump out of bed and work out. 

We know it’s tempting to hit snooze or to stay in bed, so these are our five simple tips to keep that motivation flowing:

Do something you love

Find an activity that you genuinely love to do. It might be walking your dog, yoga, a run along the coast or a boxing class. If you love it you’ll look forward to it - if you hate going to the gym of course it’s going to be hard to motivate yourself to get up in the morning!

Be prepared

Set your alarm, lay your clothes out, create a new playlist. Whatever you need to do to jump out of bed and go! If you get yourself ready the night before, you’re a lot less likely to make excuses in the morning.

Vision board

Create a board of images or write down your goals in a note pad and why working out makes you feel great. Leave it somewhere you’re going to see it, like your bedside table or by your bathroom mirror.

Phone a friend

Ask a friend to be your workout buddy. Hold each other accountable and keep the stakes high by setting a challenge... whoever cancels has to buy the next round of coffees!

Reward yourself

Set yourself a goal, for example, you might want to work out three times a week. If you achieve your goal treat yourself to a reward like a manicure or new workout gear. We might be biased, but we always feel motivated to work out in new gym clothes! Our favourite new drops in store are the Varley Dewey Sweater in White, Casall Shattered Print Tight in Shattered Black and Spiritual Gangster Pineapple Love Tank!


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